senaru crater mount rinjani view point is the most popular right now , where you could see the best view ever on mount rinjani , senaru crater rim is the first crater who has been showing much view from mount rinjani and there is no hesitate with the other view around , there is no difference between summit with senaru crater rim mount rinjani view point , only from summit you could see all of lombok island but the view is the same and senaru crater rim is the secend summit view where you could see amazing view like on mount rinjani summit and now summit not as like as long time ago before the earthquake happened , that’s why our reason now , we just sell senaru crater rim mount rinjani summit where you could get nice view and amazing for your trekking to adventure wild time.

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Gili trawangan full day tour


Senaru Waterfall Panorama walk

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Day 1: Senaru Village to Senaru Crater Rim

We begin at Senaru Village (601m above sea level) and hike to the Senaru Crater Rim (2641m above sea level)

This is our camping place for the night, right on the edge of the volcanic rim!

Day 2: Senaru Crater Rim to Senaru Village

Enjoy a spectacular sunrise and breakfast, returning to Senaru Village where we take you to your accomodation, or transport for the next part of your journey.!

The Explanation of the itinerary!

In the first day our partner will pick you up from your accomodation or port and airport around LOMBOK ISLAND and take you to our base camp in SENARU VILLAGE and when you are at our base camp, we will do breafing about the trail to go, then we will introduce you with our team guide, who will guiding you on the Mountain trekking served!. After breafing we will take you to starting point in four (4) minutes, where you will start walking up to the mountain with our English speaking guide.!

DAY one (1) of trekking up to the mountain. You and our guide will start walk from starting point from height (600 meters above sea level) at 7 am in the morning , from starting point to you will walk up for 30 minutes to jungle gate, where you will register your name on the list book visitors of government ( National Park Mount Rinjani), before you walk up through the forest, when you’re registering, you must prepare your passport number to make complete your file on the list government checking in list book, after you done registered, you and our guide will walk through the quiet forest with fresh air on your way up, from jungle gate you walk up to post 1 (900 meters above sea level) for an hour, then you will have water break to have breath taking in 5 minutes rest then our guide with you continue walking up for 30 minutes to EXTRA post 1 (1100 meters above sea level), and have rest for 5 minutes also before you walk up to post 2, where you will have your lunch. Then after you have breath taking up at post extra, you with our guide keep walking up again to post 2 (1500 meters above sea level) to have lunch time! From post extra you’ll walk on the little bit steep up for 30 minutes to post 2 and that’s the warning up before you get the steeper up. When you are at post 2, you will have your lunch that served by our porters and our guide team work on the mountain, at post 2, you have a rest for an hour with enjoying your lunch served by our team work on the mountain!, then after lunch our guide with you continue walk to post 3 (at 2000 meters above sea level) for one and a half an hours, as long as you are walking up still in the forest, you could see an animal, like a monkeys Grey one and some birds voice on the trees surrounding you!, when you are at post 3 you will have a rest for 5 to 10 minutes to catching breath and water drink break, before you walk up to, you have to put sun cream on your skin, face, because you will walk on the sunshine heat summer with savana of mountain, after you have been putting up your sun blocking, you and our guide will continue walk up for 2 hours on steeper savana mountain with spectacular scenery landscape around you! and you will have the last breath taking water drink at EXTRA post 3 for 5 minutes before you reach the CRATER RIM MOUNT RINJANI VIEW POINTS) at 2641 meters above sea level) you and our guide will continue walk up on the Rocky trail for 30 minutes to reach the RIM, then you made it to the CRATER RIM you will be amused by the stunning view volcano ( we called Mount Baru Jari) surrounded by Calderon of Mount Rinjani then you will see the Gili islands and Mount Agung of Bali.! And you will be able to find a good photos memorable trekking experience on our Mount trekking served, while you enjoy the beautiful view, our guide and porters set up the tent for your rest room night mount accommodation! Before sunset our porters and guide will cook dinner for you to ensure you are having a great sunset dinner with stunning view.! Then after dinner you have to go to bed at seven (7) o’clock to re energy for your awesome sunrise in the morning up.! But before you go to bed you can shot the milky-way dragon stars on sky line at 08 o’clock, but remember do not late to sleep to catch your energy up for spectacular sunrise morning star.! That is the end of the day one(1) trekking up.

DAY two (2) of the trekking (down stairs/hill) you have to wake up at six (06) o’clock am in the morning to see the best sunrise / sunshine with spectacular shining the Calderon on the mountain and clear volcano view in middle of the water lake, after you see the view, you will have a breakfast with some pancake and pineapple fruit with some tea / coffee after you breakfast, you repack your back pack and ready to head back down at seven (07) o’clock to leave the camp site walking down stairs in six (6) hours on one way back down with lunch on the way below post one, where the common place to have lunch. at lunch actually you will farewell with our porters after lunch, then if you wouldn’t mind? It’s time for you to give tips service to our porters to be your respectfully that means you were really like us as your partner mountaineering on your trekking holiday, and your guide will take you to our base camp to finish the responsibilities of hospitality we did on mountain trekking services, we are as your organizer at the base camp will prepare your transportation take you to your last destination like Port, airport and accommodation.!

2D-1N Gili Kondo Camping Trip

2D-1N Gili Kondo Camping Trip

Gili Kondo Trip is a small island located in the Sambelia District, 50 km north of Selong. It can be reached from the Sambelia Transat coast by boat in about 25 minutes, or from the port of Pelabuhan Lombok Kayangan in about 45 minutes. Although the beach at Transat is a black sand beach, at Gili Kondo and some of the surrounding islands the beaches are beautiful white sand with unspoiled views and tranquil waters.

n this virtually uninhabited island, we can enjoy the underwater world with activities such as snorkeling, fishing and swimming. In addition to Gili Kondo there are some other small islands around that are lovely ‘untouched’ tourist destinations, you can choose to stay at Gili and explore the islands for longer or go just for a day trip. At Gili we can set up camp and you can enjoy the beautiful night with the waves lapping and the glow of the campfire. You might even be able to enjoy grilled fish for dinner if you have been fishing! Sleeping overnight in tents on the island provides an amazing memorable experience.


Day one (1) we will pick you up from your hotel after you had your breakfast at the hotel where you spent a night then we leave the hotel at 07:30 am to drive you and the guide to Gili kondo Port in one and half an hours (1 – 30 minutes) when you and our guide made it there to Gili kondo port, our guide will do registration for your trip cruising for Gili Island and ask you to write it down your name on book list of visitors, then you and our guide will go get the boat for cruising four GILIS islands hidden in Ocean, the firstly you and our guide will cruise to Gili ship ( only main time this Gili came out from the water) then you will walk around to that Gili ship and you could walk surround it just in five (5) minutes all the island then after that you and our guide to decide to cruise in the middle of water to do snorkeling under the water and see the the best water scenery with small fish and cliffs in the water then when you did snorkeling our guide will take you to the other island that’s is Gili dara where you could do snorkeling and walk around it to see on the white sandy and some of haritage of cliffs ocean edge of it and after that our guide will take you to Gili kondo where you will have your lunch, while you wait for your lunch you could walk around the island in thirty (30) minutes to enjoy all of Gili kondo Island!!!! Then when you returned from your walking around your lunch is ready and it’s time for you to enjoy your lunch served by our guide and porters line beach near by you and after you had a great lunch, our guide will take you to last snorkeling under the water of the Gili kondo to get the best scenery of ocean cliffs in water ocean!!, after finish snorkeling of Gili end happy of Gili kondo then time to cruising back Gili kondo port. Then our guide and you mange to hike up to pergasingan in the same day.! From Gili kondo Port to pergasingan hill start point two and half an hours (2,5) driving car.! Then when you made it to starting point of pergasingan hill, our guide will register your name and take you to climb up in 2,5 hours and overnight there and secend day back down to start point in 1 hour then take you to your next destination.!

Hiking & Camping Pergasingan Hill Sembalun

Hiking & Camping Pergasingan Hill Sembalun

Two days one night hiking to Pergasingan Hill near Sembalun Village and end in the waterfall Sajang village east Lombok.

Itinerary 2D-1N Camping Pergasingan Hill :

Arrival day :
Pick You up at your arrival in Lombok Island, then transfer to Sembalun drive 2-3 hours by private car. Check in Hotel in Sembalun, then meet your guide to get briefing about your trip and walk to Sembalun Village to see Weaver making hand weaving and climb Selong Hill for warming up then back to Hotel and time for your own leisure.

Day 1 Trek :
We welcome you to join our two–day stroll through the rice fields, to talk with the ranchers and delight in the landscape from the high slope called Pergasingan.
The perspective from 637 m over the towns and fields of Sembalun Lawang and Sembalun Bumbung is of the superb display of the old caldera of Mt. Rinjani.

The project for the walk incorporates; a clarification of the neighborhood tree species that develop at different elevations and how these are utilized by the nearby individuals for customary solutions, likewise how we can aid the neighborhood preservation gather by planting a few trees and types of orchids. We visit the area where, as indicated by legend, it was utilized by the lord to play diversions of turning tops. Your aide and watchmen will demonstrate to us generally accepted methods to play the turning top. The overnight camp territory is called Urat Batua where quite a while prior the villagers used to supplicate before beginning to chase wild deer. A profound pioneer will supplicate and offer endowments to all the parts of the gathering before the watchmen and aide introduce the tents. This is an extraordinary spot to watch the nightfall and day break likewise see the summit inclines of Mt Rinjani and inaccessible heap of Agung on Bali.

After dim we see the lights of Sembelia town and the far off port town of Labuhan Lombok. After supper we are entertained by our aide or doormen playing a resonant woodwind other than appreciating the ethereal tropical night sky from around 1,773 m above ocean level.

Day 2 Trek :
After breakfast trek down through the downpour woodland to Karya sub-town, the town of Sajang for around 3 hours then see seven wells (Sumur Tujuh), go into the woods again to notice the Black Monkey (Ebony Leaf Monkey) other than heard the uproarious of a mixed bag of winged creatures furthermore different vegetation incorporates the plant for pharmaceutical for neighborhood individuals. Lunch in the backwoods and after that the walk proceeds for around 1.5 hours to the waterfall where, as indicated by legend, the lord used to bathe his stallions. There will be time to investigate and appreciate the stay at the waterfall.

On the route back stroll through the group’s arrangement, the aide will clarify their traditions and customs of town life and how they help their day by day work by developing espresso, chocolate and vanilla and, contingent upon the season, you will have the chance to work along them. At that point a simple stroll to investigate the foothills of the well of lava, (Gunung) Mount Rinjani where the group have their fields that are still cultivated generally as their precursors did