In the first day we’ll pick you up from your accomodation around senaru / Lombok then take you to our base camp to give some breakfast, breafing and introduce you with our guide who will guiding you before you leave to starting point (Sembalun Trail 1100 meters above sea level) drive you by car to starting point in 40 minutes and registration office (National Park Mount Rinjani). after you have registered your name and passport number, our driver will take you to starting point Sembalun Trail.

DAY ONE of trekking up to Sembalun crater rim mount Rinjani summit, you and our guide will start walking from starting point 1100 meters above sea level to post 1 in one and half an hours to two hours to post 1 with savana hill heat sunshine, so, before you walk up with our guide you, you have to put sunblock / suncream before you walk up. then you when you get to post one (1300) meters above sea level, you and our guide will have water break / catching breath for 5 minutes, while you have a rest you can enjoy the stunning view of savana, Calderon of mount rinjani rim then after that you with our guide continue walk to post 2(1500 meters above sea level) in 30 minutes to see our porters who were there to waiting for you and prepare your lunch place, where you will have long rest about one hour with the best meal food of our porters hospitality to you with guide leading order and after you had your lunch, our guide with you continue walking up to post 3 (1900 above sea level), from post 2 to post 3 it’s time to getting a little bit steep to go with gravel ground trail in 1 hour to reach the post 3, when you are there at post 3, you will have a rest for 7 minutes to catching breathing and some water drink with some biscuit energy and then you keep walking up with our guide to Extra post three (3) in one hour, in this part is one of the first exercises for Rinjani summit coz’ this part is steeper up trail then you will have a mental motivation to defeat of the steeper trail that’s keeping walking steady on and breathing stabilize, when you made it to extra post 3 you with our guide will have water break and some energy biscuit again before you continue through the trail up, have a rest for 10 minutes to have stability energi to reach the Rim, EXTRA post 3 is 2000 meters above sea level, in next step feet you you will just six more hundred meter up to reach the Sembalun Crater Rim at (2639 meters above sea level) then after you had a rest you with our guide will start walking up to finish the last trail up to the main destination in the first day, from EXTRA post 3 to the main rim (Camp site) is two and half an hours to three hours cause the last steeper and hard trail until we called this trail is regret / remorse hill trail up, but when you made it up to crater finish all the trail up, you will forget the remorse hill because of the beauty of mount Rinjani landscape stunning view with sky line sunshine before sunset! and then while you wait for our team work to set up the tent for your night accommodation on the mount rinjani, you can enjoy the best view ever to amuse you cause that’s the end of the first day trail up trekking, and our guide and porters set up the tent for you, when your tent ready our guide will ask you to have your tent and bring your bag pack into the tent, and before sunset our porters will prepare your dinner to ensure you will have your dinner when sunset time.! then
NIGHT ONE ON THE CRATER RIM SEMBALUN SUMMIT WAY overnight in the crater rim with milky-way in night at 8 o’clock pm while you go to your bed our guide will breafing you for next planning trip to summit in the morning and suggest you to sleep soon to catch the power up in secend day, before you go to your bed just do pack what you need to summit, cause you don have to carry all the things what you carry on the bag pack. (you just need a: warmer jacket, trouser, glove, head lamp, hat camera for your keep photos memory

In secend day you with our guide must wake up at 2 o’clock to reach the summit in 3 hours to 4 hours is maximum time to reach before you start walk up to summit or leave the camp site our team work on the mountain (porters and the guide) will prepare your morning breakfast to give you some energy morning.! after breakfast you and the guide will start walk up at two thirty (02:30 AM) and ensure to reach summit at 06:00 AM to wait for sunrise 10 minutes. the first summit at moment is 3100 meters above sea level because of the Earthquake but if you can continue to the real summit at 3726 meters above sea level if you still strong Power up you can keep trying but if you couldn’t do it any more your power not support, don’t force yourself to be there, just enough at 3100 meters is the same view you could see! because in in the end of main summit is the hardest part ever on mount Rinjani even I have doing summit trail many times is not easy for the reach it cause summit is depend on the power situation? if you trust that still have much power to reach the main summit you could try it till you know the real (there is no harm to try something new in experience). when you reach summit you could enjoy the best view for 15 – 30 minutes to get recovery energy for head back down again to your camp site with our guide, head back down to the camp site is one a half an hours to to hours is common time to reach the camp site after summit trail only one way up and down, when you reach the camp site, our porters prepare the secend morning breakfast before you walk down mount to start point again, when you had your breakfast, you will recovery for 40 minutes before you walk down hill in six hours in one way back down like in the first day with same trail you did in the first day, on your way head back down hill in six hours, you will have a lunch at post 2 to have a rest recovery energy, and you and the guide will keep walking down after your lunch with the best food we provide and from post 2 to the end of trail (start point) is 3 more hours it depends on your speed walk down. when you reach the start point, our driver already waiting for you to pick you up take you back to our base camp (senaru village) and you will see us in the office and organize your next vacation destination, like Port, airport and next accommodation, In the end of the trekking, If you wouldn’t mind tips service to our guide and porters who were your partner mountaineering on your trekking holiday trip and one of the most popular destinations!



In the first day of the this tour, we will pick you up from your hotel and bring you to our base camp then breafing you about the plan program before you go to explore adventure, then we will introduce you to our guide who will guiding on the tour.! After we did breafing, you and our guide will walk from our base camp to the first water (SENDANG GILE) and secend waterfall (TIU KELEP).!
from our base camp to the first waterfall is 20 minutes, you with our guide together through the enterancefee locket where you will register your name and get ticket in to waterfall Park, as long as you are walking down stairs to waterfall, you can see the jungle view with rice terrace and some monkeys on the trees, when you you are at the first waterfall (SENDANG GILE) you will see awesome the beauty of nature with two ? of waterfall, and you want to have a shower on it you will have free massage your body with forever young (that’s story from our ancestors) after you enjoyed the first waterfall, you and our guide will continue to secend one (TIU KELEP waterfall), through the bridge of water flow irrigation to village to water the rice field and farming, when you are nearby secend waterfall, you and our guide will cross the river for 4 minutes then walk through the small walk forest in 4 minutes then you will be at (TIU KELEP WATERFALL) where you can find a great view slope landscape amusing you, and you can a really good photos for your memoriable experience on exploring our waterfalls tourism, you can take 10 minutes, then heading back to our base camp in one way trail. and we will take you to another waterfall (mangku Sakti Waterfall) nearby mountain rinjani slope in 40 minutes by the motor bike and 10 minutes walk down to MANGKU SAKTI waterfall with natural trail like we are walk down slope mountain, when you’re at Mangku Sakti Waterfall you will see the best view with water of the lake mountain through on the water with white color, then when you enjoyed it the view, you and our guide heading back up in one way trail up, then we take you to last view happy ending view of sunset ?, where you never find it before ever and the whole beauty of mountain rinjani, we could see the best view ever with sea site, and we will invite you to have a soft camping to feel fresh air of sea wind in the nigh and get the best sunrise ? in morning view!